Photo Credit: Reuters

Research In Motion has completed first step for preparing facilities to Indian Govt. & hopes to end the long battling problem.

BlackBerry Smartphone sale has been phenomenon past couple of years in India. Instant E-mail system has kept business fans away desk & instant Messaging system (BBM) made youth go wild. RIM provided small facility in Mumbai last month which enabled monitoring encrypted data transfer as per need of Govt. officials.

“RIM has now delivered a solution that enables India’s wireless carriers to address their lawful access requirements for our consumer messaging services, which includes BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) e-mail” – RIM said.

However, RIM said at the time that it couldn’t provide the Indian Govt. with access to secure corporate e-mails(BES) since it didn’t have the encryption keys to do so. Will this cool down our officials?… That’s one useless question :P

Source: The Digital Home