Is it for real?!… Yes it is. Is it working?… Well, wait for February! Yesterday RIM held BlackBerry Webcast to showcase their latest upcoming service BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion – the next-generation enterprise mobility solution online where the company displayed the workflow & features on different platforms including BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet upgradings. The running slides of webcast also aired few BlackBerry PlayBook system screenshots that seems to be running on unreleased BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0. Eventually, there were few surprising icons appearance on PlayBook that will leave you scratching your head. One among them is the mighty BlackBerry Messenger!

RIM previously released a post which highlight tablet integrated BBM developing status on Tablet OS 2.0 & its a wonder to see the client now installed on board. As you can see in the image above, the tablet is not Bridged to any BlackBerry Smartphone & evidently the Bridged apps are placed into other folder that is set by default on PB OS 2.0. There has been no confirmation on its working nor presence but it clearly conveys its chances. Let’s hope RIM turns down couple of Anti-Bloggers’ over web on PlayBook BBM failures.

Other icons are Video Store – which was already announced on DevCon Americas, Twitter – which should be a client rather than web shortcut & … “Something” we don’t know yet! The Music-looking icon definitely won’t be a refreshed one for music player as the native was placed into another folder ‘Folder 1‘. This unknown icon looks a clean replica of RIM competitor Apple‘s iTunes & was also appeared on leaked BlackBerry London photo previously.

BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 is scheduled to release on February next year (17th Feb – Rumors) & that is an update which will answer all our questions above. Stick around us for more upcoming BlackBerry news.