Here’s a “future” pose of two BlackBerry Z10 L-series smartphone dominating the poor toy in the latest spotting by Business Insider! Though we have already seen this upcoming BB10 model almost in every angle by now, this leak directs the unknown placement of career branding. In the image above, we find USA’s Verizon network logo on top-left corner of the phone dropping the old fashioned mid-bottom style. Apart from revealing the new designing concept, the lucky source who received these devices for test run over AT&T & Verizon network has also shared his initial impressions of the upcoming milestone.

  • The build quality is really nice. The back cover feels rubbery and snaps on sort of like the back cover on Samsung’s Galaxy S III.
  • The screen looks great.
  • The web browser is very quick, just as fast as a desktop browser. It also supports Flash.
  • You can set up separate profiles for work and personal use. This is good for people who want to use one phone for business and play.
  • It integrates with Evernote.
  • The new AppWorld store looks a lot like the Google Play store for Android apps.
  • It only takes one minute to boot up.


Just 26 Days to Go!


Source: Business Insider via MobileSyrup