It’s been a long wait for BlackBerry 10 & as we get closer, reading positive news, previews & excitement from all sources around globe makes us waiters intolerable. But how about people who already used the final hardware & software? Are they living an easy life without spilling the beans? Canadian news channel BBN interviews Douglas Pollitt, an analyst (and an early user of BB10) from Pollitt & Co. to get more BlackBerry 10 insights & how it will win over iOS & Android


Watch the Interview Here >>


We also have tons of RIM officials keeping  :x on their personal Twitter who seems much more excited than us. We’re just 7days away & here is the list you should be following for some official updates:

Developers & Developer Relations

@asaunders Alec Saunders Vice President, Developer Relations
@bobtaniguchi Bob Taniguchi Senior Director BlackBerry Evangelism
@ajeppsson Anders Jeppsson Head Gaming
@n_adam_stanley Adam Stanley Team Lead, Developer Relations
@brcewane Tim Neil Director, Application Platform & Tools Product Management
@peterptng Peter Ng Biz/Dev, Apps Team
@berryvic Victoria Berry Senior Manager PR and Social
@alexkinsella Alex Kinsella Developer Relations
@itssamlowe Sam Lowe Developer Relations
@bzubert  Brian Zubert Developer Relations
@devrelemea William Vablais Head of Developer Relations EMEA
@mdwrim Martin Woolley Sr. Application Development Consultant EMEA, NFC Specialist
@jcmrim John Murray Sr. Application Development Consultant EMEA, NFC Specialist
@ERahnen Erin Rahnenfuehrer Application Development Consultant
@melle Melanie Baker Community Manager, Developer Relations
@bryantafel Bryan Tafel Developer Evangelist
@demianborba Demian Borba Developer Evangelist
@filos Luca Filigheddu Developer Evangelist
@party_pat Patrick Mollins Developer Evangelist
@blackberryluca Luca Sale Developer Evangelist
@ddluk ?ukasz Dzier?ak Developer Evangelist
@chadtatro Chad Tetreault Developer Relations
@AshNazir Ash Nazir Developer Relations


BlackBerry Blogs & Events

@DonnyHalliwell Don Halliwell Blog Manager
@evanthor Evan Thor Content Manager
@luke_reimer Luke Reimer Business Blog
@TyWilliamsCA  Ty Williams Help Blog


PR, Marketing & Communications

@robinbienfait Robin Bienfait CIO
@HeidiDavidson Heidi Davidson Senior VP, Corporate Communications
@gadway Jeff Gadway Sr. Manager, BlackBerry 10 Product Marketing
@KiyomiRutledge Kiyomi Rutledge Public Relations Manager
@Patti_McK Patti McKague Director, Communications and Marketing
@TenilleKennedy Tenille Kennedy Philanthropy and Communications Relations
@BlackBerry_Amy Amy Jones Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications
@churley Carolyn Hurley Social Media
@jlpitts Jen Pitts Marketing Manager – BBM Team
@kerribirtch Kerri Birtch Social Media Manager
@melaniemasson Melanie Masson Social Media Manager
@Theolip Oliver Pilgerstorfer PR and Communications
@veronchiquita Veronica Orzechowski PR and Social Media
@_michaelpereira Michael Pereira Infrastructure Manager, Digital Marketing
@PascalRivette Pascal Rivette NOC – Communications Administrator


Product & Software

@MichaelClewley Michael Clewley Director, Handheld Software Product Management
@vik_1on1 Vivek Bhardwaj Head of Software Portfolio
@sebmarineau Sebastien Marineau Head of BlackBerry OS
@gehr Gary Klassen Principle Architect, BlackBerry (& Inventor of BBM!)
@juliandolce Julian Dolce Platform Lead, QNX
@QNX_Paul Paul Leroux PR Manager, QNX
@mrmstaikos Matt Staikos Matt from the Browser Team at RIM
@petervalin Peter Valin Manager, App World
@EvgueniaPopova Evguenia Popova App World Marketing
@pelegri Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart Sr. Director for Open Source
@DerekAlldritt Derek Alldritt Web Infrastructure Architect
@cleerox Claude Leroux Team Lead, Service Manager Relay & PSM
@sdlmcveigh Sean McVeigh Software Developer, QNX
@ScottDeckers Scott Deckers Carrier Product Manager
@alexbowker Alex Bowker Ecosystem Business Development

Thanks to CrackBerry Team for listings


Watch the Interview Here >>