BlackBerry Link is the new BlackBerry Desktop Software for BlackBerry 10 devices. It helps you manage, sync & backup/restore data of your BlackBerry 10 smartphones. It also helps in switching your devices by transferring all data from old Berry to the new one. Unfortunately we observe some BlackBerry Z10 owners facing problems connecting to BlackBerry Link. This error is basically due to the Windows operating system & can be fixed instantly! Just follow the guide below.

“So first you open the  device manager from Control Panel. With the device manager open, scroll down to network adapter section.
In my case there was an additional item “Blackberry #3? or something similar.  Doesn’t matter what the name was, the important part is it had an exclamation point on it because the driver wasn’t valid.  Look for any blackberry related driver with an exclamation through it.”
BlackBerry Link Not Recognizing Your Z10? Try This
 Now, double click on the exclamation marked BlackBerry Device, go to Drivers tab & click Uninstall. The Last step is very simple. Just click the “Scan for hardware Changes” button located to the right most of Device Manger icon set (Monitor with magnifying glass). The list gets refreshed & you should now see a BlackBerry Device #x with no exclamation mark. Once found, unplug your BlackBerry Z10 & plug it in back again. Voila! BlackBerry Link will now connect to your phone seamlessly.
Thanks Harold
Source: N4BB