BlackBerry stepping out in different manner to engage their target audience apart from visual advertisements in India. BlackBerry India Marketing Director, Ashish Gupta had a talk with ZDNet and shared how they are Marketing it in Indian major cities. In April, BlackBerry offered around 130 Barista and Cafe Coffee Day franchises in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to demonstrate the BlackBerry Z10 to the walk-in customers. Ashish Gupta adds over 70% of these cafe customers were abode by the demonstration and projected 50% conversion rate.

This really helped people to know much about the new BlackBerry 10 and onto the ratio of 1:10 asked the company to contact them on purchasing the device. Out of which 82% actually bought the BlackBerry Z10. There were no actual sales figures shared but this campaign facilitated 22,000 demonstrations.

“All marketing needs to reach your target audience. You need to find new and unique ways to reach your segment. The era of just going to mass marketing is over,” Gupta said.

This campaign will continue to expand to other cities – Lucknow, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and Pune soon.

SkyPark Cafe - BlackBerry

SkyPark Cafe‘s intention was perfectly right then, the main reason behind SkyPark Cafe made it one-of-a-kind technology cafe was the majority customers who visit cafe’s like to talk about gadgets and technology. It would be very interesting if the Award winning SkyPark Cafe can do something similar by demonstrating their customers with not just BlackBerry Z10 but more and in their own style!

Source: ZDNet