Facebook app for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 working on 10.1 OS just received an update bringing the missing basic features of the app. I use Facebook Pages for many reasons and was using BlackBerry browser to manage them which was fine – thanks to BlackBerry 10 browser, but after this update it is more simple to have everything ‘Facebook’ under one app.

  • A Refreshed Look and Feel to your Newsfeed – Facebook  has an exciting updated look and feel with refreshed icons to make navigation and communicating with your social network even easier.
  • Enhanced Photo Experience – Facebook provides new ways of interacting with your Facebook photos. With Facebook you can now create Photo Albums from your photos page, upload your photos to an existing or new photo album, add photo tags to your current photos and easily toggle between all of your photos and photo albums.
  • Manage Facebook Pages – Facebook 10.1.106 adds Pages to manage and monitoring your Facebook Pages. You can comment, moderate, post, etc using Pages profile.

Download / Update Facebook for BlackBerry 10 >>