The hefty BlackBerry 10.2 OS update is bringing tremendous changes & features to the platform. Apart from the amazing Android 4.2.2 runtime, WiFi Direct, Miracast etc. the biggie is theme selections in appropriate apps. So far, we have seen Dark & Light themes option in BBM, Calendar, Address Book interface but never thought about Actionbar – the bottom menu bar found in all apps on BlackBerry 10.

This anonymous uploader of the video above states to have the latest 10.2 OS built which features Dark & Bright themes selection in settings that will not just change your app interface but also takes changes in navigation panes overall. Unfortunately (and luckily) the video just tours through HUB to show how the new Bright (or white) pane looks keeping the same highlighted neon color tab overlay. To us, it looks HOT! What do you guys think? Will you switch to Bright theme or stick to the good ol’ Dark? Share your thoughts in comments below.

Thanks eMin