BlackBerry Drive – BlackBerry will be a Keychain?

What is BlackBerry Drive? Neither we don’t know what it is exactly but looks like RIM is also focusing on making automobile accessories, well this wouldn’t be the first try for them as they did released a BlackBerry-branded speakerphone with FM radio transmitter a year ago, BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605.

RIM is not only busy making sweet BlackBerrys but this looks like RIM is also working on keychain-like accessory that you can lock and unlock vehicle’s doors, start engine, pairing music from your BlackBerry and more. This will not be the first source to get control on your vehicle remotely, Viper SmartStart for BlackBerry was introduced some months back.

This rumors started when GoRumors posted an article on this –

Research In Motion has filed a trademark application for “Blackberry Drive“. The filing describes the trademark as referring to

“Key fobs; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; goods of common metal not included in other classes”

The filing was made on June 11 and is likely to allow Blackberry users to pair up their device to a shackle so that locks can be opened by entering a PIN on the Blackberry application.

You can check out the trademark application filed with the USPTO here.

Source: GoRumors

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