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What’s leaked till now for BlackBerry 9800 *UPDATE* *VIDEO*


BlackBerry Bold 9800 or BlackBerry Torch? It is being rumored since weeks that RIM has changed Bold 9800 (slider) name to BlackBerry Torch. We think it is for real. The website is also booked by RIM, They might start a new family like they have previous like Curve, Pearl, Tour, Storm and maybe now Torch family with slider models. But this would be the first BlackBerry with OS 6 ! No clue how long more we have to wait for it to launch.

What’s leaked till now for Bold 9800

Since weeks there were many videos and photos leaks about the upcoming Sliding BlackBerry, Bold 9800. Now I put up on this website after some clear and more information about this product from RIM acquired. This BlackBerry is touchscreen, slides up to enable QWERTY keybaord (non-touchscreen) and it DOES NOT have SurePress. For my personal choice i won’t go for Bold 9800 from my 9700 (Onyx), I am not much fan of touchscreens or I can say BlackBerrys aren’t meant to have Touchscreen rather than full QWERTY keyboard. Yes, no BlackBerry Storm for me as well. I might get pulled into 9800 as it comes with OS 6.0 pre-loaded but only if 9700 doesn’t support 6.0.

What’s leaked till now for Bold 9800

What’s leaked till now for Bold 9800Release date not yet announced officially but as said at WES 2010, RIM would introduce OS 6.0 in the month of June or July this year.

More images on Source, theBerryFix >>

Video: BlackBerry OS 6.0 and 9800 First Look>>

Source: TheBerryFix


Some more and new pictures leaked online. These are more clear and detailed shots, wants me to own one.

Everyones first look at any device. Slide down, OS 6 – looks high quality built.

Sliding up, QWERTY keyboard seems to be little bit indented according to me, maybe its good for sliders as they won’t get scribbled marks as the sliding panel is out of the reach of the keyboard completely.

I hope it should be well-balanced when keyboard is exposed and while typing on QWERTY keyboard, it should not get flipped from the top by the pressure we use on it.

This is exciting. Storm lovers and keyboard lovers unite !!

I like this part too. The lens and flash are easy to clean, not like they are pulled in like Pearl models.

No leather look? 🙁

Slim for a slider. I like!

Not busy side-view. Where is the Convenience key?

Little bit shorter than Storm 2, little but taller than Bold 2. Slide-up, XXL !

Overall looks stylish, sharp, slim, I might have this beside my 9700.


What’s your view?

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  1. Interesting…I’m surprised that I liked these pix here. I haven’t been a big fan of the slider since I saw it/found out about it. I would have much preferred a side slider…but this may be growing on me. I’m concered about a wobble effect due to the length of the phone when extended for typing. Hmmm I may check it out tho.

  2. Looks neat like shahzoor said shud give it a try … But I some how feel the keypads r smaller too 9700 .. Overall the pic’s make the bb look more appealing . Will be waiting for the release to experience sliding it in real life.

Written by Shahzoor Ali


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