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Twitter for BlackBerry Gets Better and Better

Put on your tweeting cap because the new Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones app just got better with these new features:

  • Quote tweets for editing retweets
  • Auto complete for @ usernames: When you type an “@” followed by characters, the auto complete feature pops up a list of users as you type
  • View geotagged tweets: View locations of geotagged tweets on BlackBerry® Maps
  • Personal Info Guard: A warning appears when sharing personal information such as your email address, PIN, or phone number
  • New hotkeys for navigation have been added for lists, finding people, and more

  • Report as spam lets you report users’ tweets as spam
  • New photo features let you view tweeted photographs from Twitpic, Yfrog, and Tweetphoto™
  • Start Tweeting Today >>

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    Written by Shahzoor Ali


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