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3 New videos on 9800/OS 6 from Salomondrin

Amazing videos and can’t wait any longer to get this thing released. Thanks ton Salomondrin the videos and reviews. Watch all these 3 videos on BlackBerry WebKit Browser, BlackBerry 6.0 Overview and BlackBerry OS 6.0 Media Overview.

BlackBerry WebKit Browser on 6.0

Ammmazingly fast…

Salamondrin did Acid tests also which results great in the new WebKit Browser not at all compared to what we have right now. Damn! This clip is really interesting and tempting to have it ASAP !!!

for mobile viewing pleasure

All 3 Acid tests comparing with iPhone4 (iOS4)

and the HTC Droid Incredible (Android 2.1):

BlackBerry 6 Overview –

This is the new updated version of 6.0 which we previously shared. Thanks to Salomondrin again for detailed overview.

for mobile viewing pleasure

BlackBerry OS 6.0 Media Overview

for mobile viewing pleasure

Source: Salmondrin via Crackberry

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