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Apple discriminating all Smartphone users WTF!

Here we go! Its human nature that we always want someone to blame on when we have to defend our faults. I am not saying Apple is a human LOL, but Steve Jobs is.

OMG!! iPhone 4 !! OMG!

What did you get? We all know how iPhone 4 is a failure, every owner of iPhone 4 in this world facing the coverage problem and Apple made some users happy for a while that new Update of iOS4.0.1 will solve the problem and declaring it is a software issue not hardware. But sorry guys you wasted your money, it is a not either issue, it is design issue. iPhone4 design is at fault. There is a fix for that too. Please check, 6 ways to fix your iPhone 4’s coverage problem keep in mind, you need some stuff to do it, for example – duct tape.

Note to all iPhone4 owners: Apple will give everyone who bought an iPhone 4 free bumpers (from them or outsourced). Now through Sept 30th.

Bottom Line –

Apple just launched their new page to show ALL YOU GUYS how to hold your Smartphone, maybe because they know better or maybe you are tooooo Dumb! I am not saying that, Apple is.

How to hold your Smartphone from Apple >>

They took Apple iPhone, BlackBerry 9700, HTC Droid Eris, Samsung Omnia, iPhone 3Gs to demonstrate you all.

One of the iPhone4 owner reaction –

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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