Introducing BBin Group powered by Google Groups

Howdy, today we are likely to announce that we starting up with the discussion group for the visitors to share their knowledge, topics, problems, experiences, social networking, etc in our fresh BBin Group powered by Google Groups. BBin Group>>

Why BBin Group?

As BBin visitors are on BlackBerry and majority are not really logging into their online accounts or browsing internet from their regular PC/laptops but from their BlackBerry devices. They get problems or some news to share or just talk about their BlackBerry or showcase their new devices, panels, covers, etc, just anything they want to do with public or beyond their BlackBerry Messenger, here they can find the solutions for their problems, advises, news, etc.

What is so special about BBin Group?

Here’s a big deal with us, BlackBerry users. We are much needy of quick responses; troubleshooting done by a friend over BBM in no time. Get updates or reply emails as soon as you receiving it. We have increased our activities in our daily-to-day with various ways with the help of our BlackBerry devices. Here, with the help of Google Groups, you can handle it from your emails itself. You cant post a new topic through an e-mail, reply to the comments through email as you will receive an e-mail if someone posts a new article or commented (varies from your selected options at Groups), so that makes discussions go on & on and share anything much quicker.

  • You can raise a topic through e-mail or online
  • You can reply to the posts through e-mail or online
  • You can upload files as an attachment
  • more
How to post from BlackBerry
How to post from BlackBerry

Won’t my mailbox will be overloaded by BBin Groups?

Yes, as it is very easy to reply from BlackBerry to the posts users starts replying as if they are chatting. We don’t care if our side get loaded but you can always save your mailbox size or limit emails to be received a day or no emails.

We recommend all to please setup the membership details after subscribing or joining to the Group. You will find ‘Edit my membership’ on right-side panel and set ‘How do you want to read this group?’ option. By default you will be activated as ‘Email (Approximately 2 emails per day), Send each message to me as it arrives’. This option will send you an email as soon as any BBin Group member post comment or topic.

Editing Your BBin Group Membership
Editing Your BBin Group Membership

How to subscribe to the BBin Group?

From e-mail: Send a BLANK e-mail to You will receive a reply, you have to either reply to that e-mail or click the confirmation link to join.

From PC: Goto and

How to unsubscribe to the BBin Group?

To unsubscribe, send email to For more,

Any help, mail to: contact [at]

Thanks, make noise.

Goto BBin Google Group >>

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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