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Facebook chat for BlackBerry?

While walking through on Facebook account last night for cleaning up some installed applications, I wonder what ‘Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphone’ application had in their settings? It was surprising that it has an option to select ‘Login to Facebook chat’. From BlackBerry app is it possible or I just discovered upcoming feature?

Facebook chat never been flawless as we all know. My friends do have various screaming Facebook statuses about its chat. Other BlackBerry IM clients like Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM, MSN, etc does work very fine, atleast just having conversations. Hoping if BlackBerry launch a new Facebook update with Facebook chat, that’ll be great to be in touch with our contacts as most of contacts won’t bother to login to other IMs but facebook.

Today, through 3rd party application the Facebook chat is available, for example Trillian. Is this going to have an official?

How good is this feature for you? Were you really looking for this since a long time?

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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