Jingle bell the BlackBerry Tablet this December

Early 2010 rumors come true about an 8.9-inch RIM tablet which will compete Kindle & powerful tablet iPad by Apple. Caris & Co analyst Robert Chira, thinks BlackBerry Tablet won’t effect much to the present device market. “We have big expectations for tablets, just not RIM’s”, said Chira.
Research in Motion has already come up with many apps in their App World Store to challenge iStore and its also heard that RIM is yet to launch App World 2.0 with a new look & billing service which provides direct install for the apps already bought onto new BlackBerry devices causing no trouble. But new store isn’t just the solution to overcome iPad.

“We start pretty skeptical of RIM’s potential in tablets, primarily because beyond web and media access we think the iPad is really about apps. We don’t think RIM’s quality-over-quantity ‘super apps’ approach will cut it in tablets. Moreover, we don’t see tablets as a platform where RIM’s core messaging strengths and carrier-focused model necessarily translate as well,” noted Chira.

It is expected that RIM will provide a tether configuration to their tablets which can be connected to BlackBerry phones directly. This feature can be a marketing factor for the BlackBerry Tablet.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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