“Kim Kardashian is crack addict when it comes to her BlackBerry…” – Kourtney


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Kim Kardashian knows how to use her BlackBerry. She does even know how she can get all her stuff on BlackBerry from the lost one. Here, I am sharing a video where Kourtney takes Kim’s blackberry at lunch and won’t return it.  When Kim threatens to purchase a new one, and get the information from her SIM card from her laptop, she realizes Kourtney’s also taken her laptop.  Kourt insists that Kim must be phone free for 48 hours, and since her laptop is also missing, she’ll be computer free for 48 hours too.

Granted, Kim’s behavior being constantly obsessed with her phone is annoying, but she did leave her life to come help Kourt.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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