BlackBerry Ban: Indonesia joining in

RIM really having a tough time to extinguish the fire from more countries joining in to ban BlackBerry services. UAE, Saudi Arabia, India,  Indonesia are in the list of banning the services.

Indonesia –


Indonesia said on Wednesday it is considering following the lead of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in banning BlackBerry services, adding to pressure on device maker Research in Motion Ltd to give governments greater access to data.

Gatot Dewabroto, spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Information, wants RIM to set up a server locally so encrypted information sent by the phones will not have to be routed through the Canadian company’s overseas computers.

“We don’t know whether data being sent through BlackBerrys can be intercepted or read by third parties outside the country,” he said, expressing concern that information could be used by criminals or spies.


The United Arab Emirates, too, plans to shut down e-mail, messaging and Web browsing on BlackBerrys starting from October 11.

Saudi Arabia –

Discontinuing the BlackBerry service from this Friday, August 6.

India –

India is in talks with RIM over how information is managed on the devices.

Bahrain and Qatar has no plans to ban BlackBerry services

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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