BlackBerry Messenger Updated – v5.0.1.38 now available for download

Download the latest official BlackBerry Messenger version This release does have good changes and better options.

Little bit of change in the ‘My Profile’ screen where PIN Barcode is shifted on top from the bottom.

This is update was in need for many. The previous BlackBerry Messenger had this annoying thing with SMS thread combining with BBM chat if your contact is linked with Address Book. You had to delete the SMS to get rid of the BBM chat window to end.
Some change in the UI at group chats and many fixes experienced. As shown the message sent by me (Poky) has a tick mark, before it was showed a bullet mark.

Angry and Devil smileys have changed for no reason. Angry smiley looks more ANGRY then before and devil is a cute devil?

A small icon for every broadcast message is also noted. The Broadcasted messages will be in purple text as well as with an icon.

Download the latest official BlackBerry Messenger version >>

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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