Leaked: BlackBerry Internet Service to get updated to 3.2

No much information on this now as this was leaked by source. There will be upgrades to the new e-mails features, not yet introduced the possibility of erasing the BIS user accounts – still needed to be in contact with our operator and asked to perform this operation. Some leaked details –

  • Synchronization with Google calendar – so far we have had (if we had …) the ability to synchronize address book with our Gmail accounts. Since reads 3.2, you can also synchronize your calendar. Note: does not apply to BES users.
  • Improved security – now the password will have to be between 8 and 16 characters long and contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. To date, was required only 6 characters of any kind.
  • Corrected automatic login – users who have had an account through a web page, using the Application Configuration E-mail every time they had to give out your password and login. From now on, when you try to configure access their mailboxes from the device, they will be automatically transferred to the control panel account.
  • Improved interface – WAP users have so far trouble viewing passwords for accounts integrated with the device when you change the active terminals. With BIS 3.2, these users can choose to view the password (instead of marking placed on covering the password), which will enable them to make sure that the entered password is correct
  • Re-validation of Windows Live accounts – now required to re-activate the Windows Live Mail accounts integrated with the device every 360 days and 3 days before the event is sent to the appropriate guide. The BIS 3.2 will also take place one day before the expiry of the account. This situation does not affect users running Windows Live Mail using POP.

Additionally, our operators will now have the opportunity to use the phrase BlackBerry Protect opportunities, such as:

  • Starting loud tone
  • On screen display a specific message
  • Locking devices, with the possibility to automatically generate passwords
  • Implementation of remote backup.

Source: BBLeaks

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