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MagicJack Maker Introduces Free Calling for BlackBerry and others

Ever heard about a USB device, magicJack? However, it is a product for $20 a year subscription allows you to call free to US & Canada and receive calls over Internet Connection. Now, magicJack introducing magicTalk. It will let you use software to call any landline or mobile phone across the US and Canada at no cost and with no time limits.  The software will be available for Windows and Mac in the next week or so, with versions for smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry) to follow in a couple of months.

MagicJack working on BlackBerry 10.3 >>



NEW YORK — The company behind the magicJack, the Internet phone gadget heavily advertised on television, has another trick up its sleeve: free phone calls from computers, smart phones and iPads.

The cost of phone calls routed over the Internet has been on a long slide. There are already a multitude of programs that allow free calling between computers, and some that allow free, but short, calls to regular phone numbers.

MagicTalk would go one better by eliminating fees for calling landline and cell phones in the U.S. and Canada, with no time limits on the calls.

The software will be available next week for Windows and Mac computers. Versions for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android phones will follow in September or October, said Dan Borislow, the CEO of VocalTec Communications Ltd.

Each magicTalk user gets a phone number that’s associated with the software. Users will also be able to move their existing phone numbers to the service, for a fee, a feature that will be extended to magicJack users soon as well.

The reason the calls can be free is that VocalTec operates as a phone company, so it can charge other phone companies for calls placed to magicTalk and magicJack numbers. It also charges its users who dial phone numbers abroad.

Still, magicTalk will likely have slimmer profit margins than magicJack, which costs $40 and comes with a year of free calling in the U.S. and Canada (an extra year costs $20).

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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