Tip: Search for emails on your mail server

Want to search the email on your mail server but not on your BlackBerry device? Follow these useful steps:

How to perform a remote search for email messages

Remote search for email messages allows the BlackBerry smartphone user to do the following:

  • Perform a remote search of email messages in a personal mailbox on an email messaging server using the BlackBerry smartphone
  • Search email messages from all folders on the BlackBerry smartphone user’s computer
  • Search for email messages that match the search criteria and store these email messages in the message list
  • Retrieve more matches for a search or cancel a search in progress

To initiate a remote search for email messages, open the Messages application on the BlackBerry smartphone, press the Menu key, and select Search. Then change the Search Type option from Local to Remote. Only one search can be performed at one time. Subsequent searches will replace the currently running search.

A search can be performed by each of the following criteria:

  • Folder – any folder contained in the folder list, including Sent and Deleted Items, as well as any non-redirected folders
  • Subject
  • Name – From, To, Cc, or Bcc headers
  • Read status – all or unread only
  • Attachment – with or without attachments
  • Message text Note: Encrypted message text search is not supported.

Note: BlackBerry Device Software version 4.5 to 5.0 is required to perform a remote search of email messages.


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