Coming Soon: Klomptek’s Track and Protect (TnP) for BlackBerry


  • Get your phone location on a map instantly
  • Lock your phone remotely and display owner info on phone screen
  • Get thief’s phone number and front face photo!
  • Keep remote control and track phone location even after SIM change
  • Wipe your contacts, calendar, messages, and images remotely
  • Feel secure about your phone and your data
  • If lost, increase the chance to get your precious phone back
  • If stolen, handover all the info to the police

This is very similar to the RIM’s upcoming product BlackBerry Protect which can be traced, wiped, etc remotely if your BlackBerry is stolen/Lost. Track & Protect is already running on other Smartphones but now in the tests on BlackBerry devices.

About Klomptek BV:

Klomptek is an innovative software development company that creates advanced but easy-to-use software and services in the area of Mobile Device and Security Management.  Klomptek provides advanced mobile phone clients and secure high-tech Cloud (SaaS) web services for Distributors, Resellers, Operators, Manufacturers, Service providers and Consumers.  Founded in 2009, Klomptek is based in Zaandam, the Netherlands. To learn more about Klomptek and its products, please visit or

TnP Website

Screenshots from device:

Shots from Web account:

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  1. Hi, Shahzoor. You’re right, BlackBerry Protect is similar to Track and Protect, but TnP does have some additional features that are useful when your phone is stolen or lost. Both apps locate, lock and wipe data remotely from the apps’ respective web portals, but TnP also has the ability to take photos from the device to capture images of current surroundings or the person who has your phone. TnP features remain operable even after illegal SIM change, and will report any new phone numbers and operator IDs used by your BlackBerry.

    TnP for BlackBerry is currently in public beta, and we’d be pleased to have your readers join us in testing our features. Those interested in participating can send an email to with your device’s model number, phone number and country of origin for a download code. We welcome any comments or questions you may have!

Written by Shahzoor Ali


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