Dropbox or Direct Download Links from us for your BlackBerry needs

From today we going to share the files what you always cared while using your BlackBerry device. The most important, every Blackberry user should have the BlackBerry Desktop Software to manage and to do various things with their device even for updating the OS and what not. So, we have created a folder on our server and at Dropbox account as well with latest official OS and softwares and will keep updating it as the files releases.

Option 1:

Dropbox: If you love to have linked with us on your Dropbox account let us know which Blackberry you using mentioning your email address (registered with Dropbox) by leaving a comment below or tweet us at twitter.

If any OS or BlackBerry software is released while you at work or away from your PC, our updated folder will synchronize with your PC with updated files so you don’t have to reserve time for going to, finding your OS, filling out the profile form and downloading at slow transfer rate.

You can also share the file to your friends who are not connected to us by creating the link right from the Dropbox BlackBerry app.

Option 2:

File Server: The files shared on Dropbox are also shared through your browser. You can access them from our PUBLIC DIRECTORY >>

Please comment below for any questions and any recommendations we should add.


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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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