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Playberry Theme for Torch 9800

Dreaming PlayBook? Here is one theme you can live upon to.


for mobile viewing pleasure

Purchase Playberry theme for 9800 for just $2.99 >>

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  1. It Is cool! Easy handling of the application, I would like to see in the future is to leave in place the calendar on bbm and in videos and photos come out a random of my own videos and pictures and so we can choose any directory .. And also that the menu leave as is usually the torch, dragging up menu

  2. Playberry for Torch not up to date but it is a nice replica of the playbooks forthcoming official theme. The theme is slow for the touchscreen. The search application works way better on the OS 6 and browser search throws off color contrast due to unknown reason. It can be an official theme with more tweeks and updates but as for now it is just a test theme. I’m glad I purchased it because of the idea but for now it holds its 5 out of 10 rating.

    • Thanks for the comment. Should take these notes while working on the next version. If you are on Torch, we recommend you to update your OS, that makes some fixes and the sliding effect more smoother, as told by other users.

      We have great reviews from 9700 users and some negative from Torch users. Waiting for the final release of the BlackBerry Theme Studio as well.

      We will be releasing the updates till it is very close to perfection. Updates will be free to all existing buyers.

      Thanks again

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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