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Unwind with BB, Coffee, and Donuts at Caribou on Thursdays

UAE coffee drinkers rejoice!   Not only can you relax with your blackberry service, add on your favorite cup of coffee and donuts at Caribou coffee shop all on RIM’s tab.  That’s right!  For the next three Thurdays, the last day of the UAE work week, Canadian based Research in Motion is pledging free coffee and donuts to users at all Caribou coffee shops.  Coined as “Happy Thursday” the extra jolt of energy is coming as a reminder to customers that RIM and Blackberry have gone nowhere and will continue to serve the ever growing population.

The UAE along with many other countries including Saudi Arabia and India had attempted to enforce a ban upon RIM’s Blackberry service based on “security threats” and “non compliance” with national security measures.  The governments demand access to the secure databases while RIM ensures that can not be done.

As of now the matter is at ease and Blackberry users may continue to enjoy their services.  But Emirati users are still skeptical- will there be a ban in the future?  How long will this calm last?  As for now, we say enjoy your cuppa and pin away!

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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