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1 Day Sale: All BBin BlackBerry Themes for 25¢

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy birthday, Shahzoor Ali!  What, we’re early?  Oops. Well good to know the cats out of the bag because this November 26, BBin’s Founder, Shahzoor Ali will be ringing in his quarter century on this planet- with a quarter.  On Friday starting from midnight, all themes from BBin will be marked down to just a quarter, to $0.25 (Rs. 10) that is. What a deal!

This deal also coincides with Black Friday also known as Blitzkrieg, a day awaited by many. It is the day after Thanksgiving when American shoppers indulge in all kinds of sales and discounts, leading up to the Christmas holidays.  What could be a better way of showing some holiday spirit than having BBin involved in an unofficial holiday?

So keep an eye on the date and make sure you purchase that theme you’ve been putting off buying.  Even if you didn’t stuff yourself with turket the day before.

We don’t know how Mr. Ali feels about another candle on the birthday cake, but we surely like the idea of our fans getting a good deal 🙂

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