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How to: Clear App World cache, by RIM

BlackBerry App World is used more than a million BlackBerry users all over globe for instant wireless app download on device. Few of them notice & complaint regarding caches which is a minor system flow placed by RIM. What is it?.. Well, BlackBerry stores a cache of an application downloaded from App World into device & needlessly stops a user from a new content availability or notify an upgrade. Not to worry, here is a guide to overcome this issue.

Warning: The following procedure will clear any cache data that BlackBerry App World stores on the BlackBerry smartphone and may remove any applications that have been archived to a media card.

For smartphones that use the SureType input method or are equipped with a QWERTY keyboard:

  1. Launch the BlackBerry App World application.
  2. While pressing and holding the ALT key, type RST.

For smartphones in the BlackBerry® Storm™ Series, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the BlackBerry App World application.
  2. Ensure the smartphone is being held in the landscape position.
  3. Activate the onscreen keyboard.
  4. Press and hold the “!?123” button until it locks.
  5. Type the following characters in sequence: 34(

BlackBerry App World will close automatically and the smartphone may become unresponsive for a few moments while the cache data is cleared. This process may take several seconds, depending on how much storage space is freed. The next time BlackBerry App World is launched, logging into My World using a BlackBerry® ID will result in the applications list being refreshed, allowing archived applications to be redownloaded if desired.

The steps are a little confusing for smartphone beginners. Let’s hope RIM‘s next upgrade to App World comes with an “Clear Cache’ button in application menu.

Source: Berryreview

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