Official OS for Storm2

Verizon has released an official OS for BlackBerry Storm2 with huge upgrades to device.


  • Boot up more quickly.
  • Transition smoothly between wireless coverage areas.
  • Deliver improved audio on:
    • Voice calls.
    • Content-protected video.
  • Deliver improved video playback:
    • Through a headset.
    • With media files designated as protected content.


  • Send text messages to multiple recipients while receiving a call.
  • Enter more than 160 characters in a text message when connected to a GSM/UMTS network.
  • Browse, download, and install widgets from V CAST Apps.
  • New access to multiple widgets that provide users with quick access to Internet content of their choice.
  • Smoothly activate enterprise secure wipe/lock IT policy rule sets.

Download Storm2 OS >>

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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