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win7Ultimate Theme for Torch

win7Ultimate is now available. The 1st ever solid win7 platform theme for BlackBerry Torch has unique design and many features like

*Slide homescreen
*Landscape homescreen
*Tab-background friendly (check for more info)
*win7 phone icons
*Animated social feeds button

See video below for more

for mobile viewing pleasure

*** Battery-pull once installed ***

For Custom Tab-Background

Download & edit the image below.

Download/Purchase win7Ultimate for Torch for just $3.99 >>

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One Comment

  1. Hi.I work at cellphone store,a lot of people around me are use blackberry,but they also like the new win7 phone,I was think if u will give one of the new win7ultimate theme to me(free copy,OTA)I can show them,I think I can bring a lot more business,plz understand I’m not trying to ask for the free stuff,coz I been download a lot of theme(some I need to pay).I have all kind of blackberry.anyway,please reply me if u can.thank you very much!happy holiday.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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