BlackBerry Curve 9300 OS Officially Released by Starhub

Lucky BlackBerry Curve 9300 users who got their first official OS6 where others Pearl 3G, 9700 are still waiting. No warning notice, its safe to update your Device Software with OS on BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300.

Download BlackBerry Curve 9300 OS

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    • It won’t work on your 299 plan. You should subscribe to full data plan. when you first tried Appworld, you had full data plan then downgraded your plan to 299 (right?) that made the Appworld settings saved on your BlackBerry which worked on WiFi as well. Upgrading to OS6 refreshed your Service Books (settings) and it realised you are on no-browsing plan.

      That’s the reason it says “system requirement not matched”. You should have full data plan atleast once then can use on WiFi later.

  1. hi i am from Delhi, i am using airtel right now previously i was using vodafone my bb is not career locked so i can use any sim i am using 9300 curve 3g. so i wanted to ask few things.

    1 how to do i upgrade it as i don’t know anything.

    2 after upgrading to os 6 will my BB work at same speed or the speed will decrease due to slow processor and 256 ram (airtel says it will slow ur device ).

    3 which exe file to use so that it works in india delhi with all operators without any problems should i use this starhub file present above or should i use the Telus_Mobility exe file ???

    4 can i downgrade to os 5 if i fell my bb went slow or i just want to without any problems.

    thanks in advance.

  2. thankx for the help but i wanted to know as my bb is not carrier locked as i purchased from bb store still is it recommended to upgrade only when the carrier release it and like in delhi we have around 6-7 carriers and for example i keep on switching between airtel and vodafone and is i upgraded with airtel os6 so will it work in vodafone sim please note its not carrier lock.

  3. please help me i wiped my device with bbsak and installed the latest exe file also available through airtel india now deleted vendor file also but my app loader is not detecting the new software and my bb is blank now with this error on screen ” ERROR 507 RELOAD SOFTWARE ” PLEASE HELP I AM STUCK 🙁

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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