"Blackberry sales have been phenomenally good in the last 2 quarters" – Redington India

R Srinivasan, MD, Redington India Ltd talks to the Economic Times

Could you take us through the sales figures that you have clocked in this time around this quarter- your Blackberry sales numbers? Also share with us some numbers regarding the future prospects and will you be able to maintain this growth trajectory for yourself?

R Srinivasan : The last 2 quarters have been particularly good for Redington and the numbers have shown that we have grown our top line between 20% and 21%. The outlook in the first 2 months have been exceptionally good. Our forecast for this quarter is that we would clock similar growth as to what we did in the last 2 quarters and the outlook for the quarter also looks very interesting.

Forecast putout by Gartner say that sales of hardware and telecom in the current financial year are going to go up very strongly. Is that something that you are already seeing?

R Srinivasan : Absolutely. The last 2 quarters we are able to see good growth in both the IT segment as also in the telecom devices segment. Blackberry sales have been phenomenally good in the last 2 quarters.

Full Article from Economic Times

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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