Finally, Bollywood drama comes to an end with RIM

Its been a while we were not entertaining much with the ‘BlackBerry Ban in India‘ topics as they were still playing since last happy news in September that RIM agreed to give Indian Government access to its servers by installing servers in the country as India demands. Remind you again, messages sent from BlackBerry, whether it is an email or IM (incl. BBM) or PIN message are encrypted – means cannot be monitored by any carriers. Indian government blamed RIM that terrorists used BlackBerry devices on November attack in Mumbai. India threatened RIM to find a solution by setting up the data to be monitored by end of January or else BIS/BES services will be banned in this country. Even Enterpise service which should be secured. AT the beginning of this flick the Indian Intelligence tried to break the encryption but failed. Yesteray, Pakistani hackers broke into Crime Bureau Investigation (CBI) website and made it inaccessible, but thats a different story…

Today news, Wall Street Journal reports:

India is in discussions with companies using Research in Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry e-mail service to gain lawful access to its secure communications.

Indian Home Secretary G.K. Pillai said a solution for monitoring the BlackBerry Messenger chat service will be “fully in place” by the end of January, citing an interview with the minister. Pillai said Research in Motion won’t face a service shutdown on Jan. 31 should India’s surveillance demands not be met, the Journal reported.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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