BlackBerry App World on PlayBook (via Crackberry)
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Asteroid Blast HD for BlackBerry PlayBook on App World

BlackBerry App World on PlayBook (via Crackberry)

Dozens of BlackBerry PlayBook apps has been approved for App World this week by RIM. Asteroid Blast HD is the one of them just spotted by for $3.99.

Asteroid Blast puts you at the helm of a space ship and your mission is to destroy as many asteroids as you can. Navigate through the asteroid belt and fire your photon blaster at asteroids and enemy UFOs. Watch out for incoming fire from UFOs- their precision is deadly!

Your ship comes equipped with some high tech controls. If you are about to be destroyed, use your hyperspace drive to escape and come back somewhere else in space. Use your stabilization controls in case you lose control in space.

If you are a fan of the classic Asteroids game, then you will love Asteroid Blast!

Features Include:
Addictive game play
High scores
Touch Screen control interface

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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