How to Tie a Tie for Touch

Have a tough time to suite up everyday with a perfect knot? like to impress your boss with a new style? This is for you then. ArtelPlus has come up with an app that adds a little more to the business equipment, BlackBerry!

How to Tie a Tie provides 12 tie knots with simple on-screen instructions to follow.

1. Atlantic
2. Diagonal
3. Four-in-hand
4. Half Windsor
5. Kelvin
6. Oriental
7. Persian
8. Plattsburg
9. Pratt
10. Simple Double
11. St. Andrew
12. Windsor

How to Tie a Tie works only on Storms & Torch. Hope they build a non-touch compatible application soon.

Download How to Tie a Tie from App World >>

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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