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Our friend Piotr Barycki from is at Mobile World Congress event in Spain and was really exciting about holding the BlackBerry PlayBook in his hands for the first time. Let’s see what he got to say about this.

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Machine Translated from Polish to English:

Finally! BlackBerry PlayBook finally got into our greedy hands and we were almost literally battered. We managed to do “to fast” a few photos and video, and form an initial opinion.

First of all, playbook is surprisingly light and compact – it seems a lot “friendlier” to the user, than the Galaxy Tab with the same parameters. Easily fits into jacket or coat (alas, all the copies were attached very solidly to wystawki …) and holding it in your hand almost do not feel its weight. Somehow, the materials of which is made of PB is very high – much higher than in the case of a product similar to the Samsung and IPAD (back flip is not metal, but coated with rubberized material to facilitate holding the device).

The screen, despite the small (as in the tablet) diagonal, makes big impression – the colors are realistic and saturated, and the reaction to touch is almost always immediate and flawless. Similarly, we can talk about positive gestures using frames – after a few minutes of fun, they seemed completely natural to us, and we wondered why only now introduced such a solution. Unfortunately, our model does not work in portrait mode and we could only test the keyboard in its horizontal position, and we have to admit one thing – it is really very good. Each touch is confirmed by a short sound (eg, what is missing in Torchu), and thanks to the screen size without a problem, you can write on it with thumbs of both hands.

As for performance, it is assured that no reservations can believe everything you have seen and heard so far – the device provides us with a performance at a level exceeding the needs of the average user. The firing of several videos, spreadsheet, games and other applications has not affected the performance of the hardware. We reaffirm the so personally: This equipment has POWER!

Power also has a set of speakers – loud music was played even for the crowded exhibition space, and even its quality was not possible to have bigger problems.

BlackBerry Bridge is also impressive – all actions carried out on one of the devices are mapped to each other in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, you can still use the BlackBerry to enter text directly into the tablet, however, according to assurances – that possibility is “planned” and is very possible that we will soon have access to such a solution. RIM Representative also stated that among the brands (read: RIM’woskich) accessories for the PB will also include a Bluetooth keyboard, enabling a fully secure connection.

For now, that’s all, enjoy the photos and watch out for more, more, more! We have already come back to PB!

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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