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Which was planned first? BlackBerry Playbook or Apple iPad?


Dead on Arrival‘ says Steve Jobs indirectly pointing RIM‘s tablet Blackberry PlayBook which was announced in September 2010. Did he really meant those words or just tried to hype Apple’s 9.7inch? Continue reading to know some interesting facts.

Research In Motion released their product guide ‘The BlackBerry Brand Guidelines’ in December 2009. The guide have some valuable information with designing a BlackBerry product. While I stepped into Chapter 2 i.e. ‘Visual Elements’ regarding angle placements of BlackBerry name & logo, it leads to DOs & DON’Ts manipulation with brand’s emblem. On my way down scrolling to next page and there it was, the BlackBerry PlayBook Envelope case with logo placed in DOs.

page: 12

Was RIM ready with PlayBook in 2009? Did they willingly let Apple to show up first? Those were the main questions I’ve been thinking. Suppose they haven’t; but the leather case clearly show answers which haven’t been questioned before they announced it later in September 2010.

Now let’s see Apple‘s progression at same time on other side. Steve Jobs announced Apple iPad in January 2010. The dream gadget was listed in every young’s diary & old’s bucket list. Later in April, Apple officially launched their first tablet iPad.

Wikipedia link to Apple iPad

RIM has always been criticized for their less powered devices against its competitors. Making accessories before producing a product is a senseless move, RIM won’t do it! I believe they have planned the best for Playbook acquiring QNX Operating System with TAT technology against time to build a tablet which won’t disappoint any BlackBerry fan.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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