Airtel 3G Plans Leaked


Airtel, One of leading mobile network providers in India are ready to set their 3G network publicly next month.ย 3G will revolutionize the usage of mobiles in India & BlackBerry users of course with incredible web experience and let’s not forget tethering the network to BlackBerry PlayBook for massive entertainment ๐Ÿ˜‰

Though they haven’t release service tariff yet, one of our team members got a surprise from his seeders on this issue. Below are prices and plans as per the spreadsheet received

  1. Free Limit: 1.25GB, Speed: 21mbps,ย Max Limit: 14GB – Rs. 675/- (10paisa extra for every 100kb)
  2. Free Limit: 2.00GB, Speed: 21mbps,ย Max Limit: 14GB – Rs. 750/- (10paisa extra for every 100kb)

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  1. WOW, now apart from bb world leaks you ppl are also leaking telecos info and that too way ahead of @telecomtalk. Impressed !!
    Btw, these plans are for Bis users or all type users. Well quite expensive in my view as MTNL is providing unlimited 3G BIS for 1199/month. Isn’t it fantastic?

    FYI, I’m on airtel and got a call from airtel that my 899 plan has been auto converted from EDGE to 3G? ,and friends I’m enjoying 3G exp past 15 days, isn’t that also fabulous? ; )

  2. @Sahil lucky u that u got selected (Jealous) … they say the launch date is on the 27th of this month … the service providers will come out with a unlimited 3G data plan in a month or two .. its just the start .. all m glad is that they r coming out with 3G in real before vodafone where as vodafone has come out with advertisements lol …

  3. I am not really into smartphones and stuff, so forgive my ignorance; but I guess we would be able to access internet using Wi-fi for free ? If yes, what’s the need for paying 700/800 bucks per mnth ofor a separate internet connection ? As I said, forgive my ignorance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @Shahriyar : Thanks for that info. I intend to buy BB Bold 9780,which has OS 6. So I guess I ‘ll do fine without a separate net connection.

    Since I am not into smartphone, I am gonna ask another basic querry. Do Facebook/Twitter apps ensure that we can access these sites even offline ? What else would be the purpose of dedicating apps to individual websites ?

    • Even if you intend to get BIS service over WiFi, you need to access BlackBerry service once for registering handset on network and downloading carrier’s Service Books & Host Routing Table. Only then you are enabled to use BIS over WiFi.
      Native apps(facebook,twitter etc) are specifically built for instant updates and sharings.

  5. @mkr on the rs599 u can add on 3G services u wont be charged on browsing, downloading, emails, transferring data to another bbm contact etc only if you make a video call 50paisa per 5secs. The other two plans are only if u tether your blackberry to PC or laptop as mentioned by shahriyar.

    Message 3G & send to 121 your bb will get 3G service with in 4hours with no extra charge on 599rs Cheers ! have fun

  6. thanks zishaan and shahriyar. lemme make it clear.
    i am using storm 9530 and i just wanted 2 check the 3g speed . i somehow managed to use net on pc without any bb data plan. i was getting download speed of about 470 kbps( downloading not browsing) but couldnt use it on mobile . so how much down speed will i get if i download movies on my mobile.

    • @mkr17 :
      am having a bb storm 9530 too… i just made manual settings by configuring my APN to use normal 97rs unlimited data plan to use with blackberry (if you want to access internet with this plan from your mobile, then try using opera mini instead of bb default browser).
      can you pls let me know if you come to know how to access 3g ?
      tx in advance.

      • @NG
        first activate 3g on ur storm and then manually update settings on ur handset(like u said). after that activate ur normal 2g internet pack . if there is some problem then u can change mobile till u activate ur plan.
        but the problem with this method is net keeps going on nd off. everytime, u hav 2 restart ur opera browser

        • that’s a useful reply!
          thanks to mkr17,

          BTW, do you know how to get cdma connection in my blackberry storm?
          My device was supplied by Verizon wireless and unlocked by the service provider itself, but none in india knows how to provide a cdma connecion for blackberry storm which simply needs activation and no UIM’s needed…
          thanks in advance.

        • hello bamal,
          here were few steps that you have to follow to access normal gprs plans in your blackberry (storm 9530).
          Am a BB Storm user too ๐Ÿ˜‰

          step 1 : first activate unlimited internet plan from a network (97rs plan) in airtel.

          step 2 : then an activation message will be sent to your mobile that the plan was activated

          step 3 : now if you want to access normal gprs in blackberry (customer care idiots will say that you can’t access normal gprs ) ,
          you have to do these settings.

          goto (in your blackberry storm) Menu -> Options -> Advanced options -> TCP/IP then check “APN Setings Enabled” and then enter
          APN :
          don’t enable the “APN Authentication Enabled”
          click “back” then save the changes that you have made.

          Next , remember that you can’t use the default blackberry browser to access internet,
          so you have to download and install Opera Mini
          click this link to get opera mini :

          After successful installation , open Opera mini,
          then type the address of any sites like in the address bar and then have fun.
          Also remember, there will be some default bookmarks which may not work, so simply enter the site address everytime in the address bar and EnJoY !
          if you have any more queries feel free to contact me as am a BB user too ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i do had such a problem.
            My phone was not locked to any network , so i wiped out the total Blackberry operating system and then brought it back to life with the latest os from the blackberry desktop software from online…. and the os version 5.0 was now cool…
            it fixed me that problem. phone runs smoothly too…
            give it a try (make sure that your phone was not locked to any network) still yo got issues means, feel free to ping me

          • well, am facing that problem too….
            am using nimbuzz parallel with opera browser and the net connection gets disconnected time to time….
            i have no idea how to solve this issue….
            but i think its a network problem.
            if you are in a metro-politan city you may not face such a problem…

          • HI NG.. Have tried the settings.. its working fine.. will it allow tethering??. i tried the tethering settings as given in many chat forums.. but got fried as my balance became zero for a two page access.. from 200 bucks..
            Will a prepair airtel plan support tethering.. the custo care say it cane be done only with a postpaid plan.. have you tried ?? i hold a bb curve 9300 3g..

  7. @Avin: MTNL and BSNL offers cheapest unlimited 3G BIS services.
    BSNL : 898/month (unlimited 3G)
    MTNL : 1099/month (unlimited 3G)

    MTNL for mumbai and delhi subscribers and BSNL for Rest of India.
    Hope you find it helpful.

  8. wanted to share coolest app for storm 9530 users .
    quickpull – with this software i solved the freezing problem . just run this software once in 2-3 days n ur phne will never freeze. worked for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I have a BlackBerry Storm smartphone.
    It has CDMA option in it but im using only GSM as of now…
    does any one have any idea how to use the CDMA service with any carrier in India?
    (i brought this phone unlocked from Verizon wireless,USA)

  10. tataindicom and reliance provide blackberry services over the CDMA platform .
    try contacting the tata indicom folks.
    they might help you
    they are hungery for customers at the moment.
    and also CDMA connections have superb range (even in closed spaces like lifts)

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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