BlackBerry Messenger to come on Android and iOS?!

After a lot of discussions and 3rd party apps like kik, WhatsApp etc finally RIM has decided to launch their native app open to other mobile OS as well, Android and iOS (iPhone). The news is not official, BGR‘s sources said. Will this be a good move for RIM? Let’s go deep & find out!

Everyone knows that BlackBerry Messenger is one of the major player to bring on users to Blackberry. This move may effect the rush or may increase on the other side. According to BGR, BBM for other platforms will be a stripped down version of what RIM has for BlackBerry. User can just chat just without any file, photo or video sharing capability. So basically it is going to be a native multiplatform universal messenger made by RIM.

The Bright Side

BlackBerry Messenger is a small social network for BlackBerry users. Creating groups, sharing files & photos instantly makes it a unique application in mobile industry. There is indeed a possibility of BllackBerry haters to check out what BBM is actually about. Though they will get a sneak-peak kind of messenger, it will make them think to move on to the next level of messenger. This canpossibly make Research In Motion a patent messaging platform on any operating system.

The Dark Side

Every company has a patent specialty. It can either be hardware or software. BlackBerry Messenger has and will be patent for almost every BlackBerry user. This change can strike off the unique factor away & also could drain users to other devices if they won’t come up with high end handsets.

Users on other platforms will also require to get a BlackBerry plan for connecting BBM. Although we think the ripped BBM won’t sport BBM groups as well. What’s your take on this? Will you switch your fully featured BlackBerry Messenger to limited featured BBM on Android or iOS?


Source: BGR

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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