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Crossroad (TAT) for Torch Updated to v1.4

Crossword is a 3-way sliding homescreen theme. The ease of switching homes to Social, Media & Work will enhance every BlackBerry Torch user with its unique UI. CROSSROAD also has 8 on Torch & 5 on Bold user customizable icons on homescreen. Going into BlackBerry menu is no more an ‘everytime’ step.


– Removed ‘Calendar’ from mainscreen for clear date & replaced with ‘Password Keeper’

– Replaced ‘Call’ with ‘Universal Search’ and added ‘Address book’

– Added ‘Options’ in Work space

– Wide message notification area on home screen



for mobile viewing pleasure














Downlaod/Try Crossroad for Torch 9800 >>


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  1. How can a BB 9800 user who has already paid for and downloaded v1.0 from BB App world get the updated version? WIll it be available for update through App World or is there a different process I should be following?

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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