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Youtube Streaming Within BlackBerry OS6 Browser

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Many think BlackBerry still can’t play embedded media on websites even after it holds HTML5 feature. Well think again! Playing Youtube media within BlackBerry OS6 Browser is possible. Though there is a way to make it work.
Youtube has recently worked upon running videos on HTML5 powered devices like iPad and other tablets. You can check-in to turn your browser into HTML5 coding Youtube website here. The trick to play Youtube videos in browser is the same code working on tablets. However we can’t browse the complete Youtube website like we do on desktop but its possible if someone can come up with an idea with this post. Test running the video posted above within browser after following in-video steps.
Youtube player cannot rew/forward when played in browser. Whereas, videos embedded in ComicVine works perfectly. Directions to play is already demonstrated on BerryReview. Follow the following steps to test yourself.

Here is how to replicate it:

  • Head to any of the Comic Vine videos like this one from your BlackBerry
  • When the page loads click the play button on the video
  • Then scroll down a bit and scroll back up
  • The video controls will now show and you simply hit play

How to Embed Youtube Videos to work on both BlackBerry & Desktop Browser:

  • Open a video in Youtube and click ‘Embed’ to get the code
  • Make sure you untick all embedding options
  • Copy code and paste it on your website (code should contain <iframe>)

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  1. I can play youtube videos on 9700/ pretty easily or if I want to download youtube videos I do it from
    Don’t know about other browsers but yes this leaked OS does play youtube videos without wifi and 3G.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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