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App World on BlackBerry PlayBook

Above picture shows the BlackBerry App World on BlackBerry PlayBook where we can see Skype app for download! That’s cool to have with dual HD camera, stereo audio, microphone on the upcoming device. Also got news before that RIM is developing their native app for Video Conferencing for BlackBerry PlayBook.

The screenshot shows Skype ($2.99), BBM, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, etc. Hope BBM gets real great features soon with video conferencing and much more!


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  1. Whatever happened to Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Live Messenger? This is EXACTLY why RIM is in trouble, because they falsely advertise or they are wayyy too late to the party. They need to be more on top of the game. Apps waiting months like IM+ to get is propostrous.

Written by Shahzoor Ali


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