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USB On-The-Go support on BlackBerry PlayBook

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Very buzzing our last month’s discussion with other BlackBerry elites, “What exactly does the USB port do on the BlackBerry PlayBook?”

According to BlackBerry PlayBook’s motherboard – OMAP4430 chipset, it has USB -On-The-Go (OTG) which means any USB device (CD burners, card-readers, flash drives, external drives, etc) can be connected to it like connecting to your PC/Laptop. As we know RIM is very keen about security of their products to be secured, so we thought they will put limitations to that port and not allow so extended feature to it. Lately, @BlackBerryDev on Twitter with the hashtag #AskBBDev were answering all the tough questions about the BlackBerry PlayBook and good thing CrackBerry did question about the USB OTG and the response was, “USB Host support will not be available at launch. We are investigating adding this in a future release.” I think its the one of the best of the best feature the BlackBerry PlayBook or any other tablet could have to say the Real Tablet PC! This could be real replacement to laptops 😉 .

Again, according to OMAP 4430 chipset it supports Windows OS, Linux OS are compatible so there could be more chances that we could flash it with other Operating Systems. Have to wait and watch what genius crackers/hackers would do with this sweet tablet.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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