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BlackBerry Wolrd: Mike Lazaridis Talks About Video Chat


Source: BerryReview

To excite the excitement, Mike Lazaridis, CEO at RIM talks more about the upcoming Video Chat feature on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

  • Video Chat is deployed in the RIM cloud and managed by the RIM NOC
  • The calls are initialized from the RIM cloud but then is done point to point
  • Mike says that once developers get their hands on this API for point to point they will be able to do some cool things (Sounds similar to the BBM Social Platform)
  • Uses BBID (your BlackBerry ID email address) to find friend and initiate a call
  • New STUN/TURN device discovery media routing services
    • In case you don’t know what STUN or TURN are let me explain a bit. It is what is called a NAT (Network Address Translation) Transversal System. That means that it uses this technology to be able to receive data behind a firewall. In other words no need to forward ports on your router…
  • New SIP based call control system
    • This could have some interesting implications in the future with RIM allowing companies to tie this into their internal PBX systems for campus based video calling.


Source: BerryReview



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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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