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Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook Now Avaiable


The native Facebook app for the Playbook is finally arrived. Running totally on flash, app offers the most popular features and functionality of Facebook in a tablet-optimized experience.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the key features of Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Facebook Chat

    • Facebook Chat takes advantage of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s high-resolution screen by splitting the application into two separate panels for side-by-side viewing of your online contacts and active conversations.
    • From within the Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet application, you’ll always be up to date on active chats. Notifications of new Chat messages will appear in the Incoming Chat popover located on the Nav Bar, so you can quickly and easily access new Chat messages as you receive them from anywhere in the app.

News Feed

    • The News Feed feature helps you to stay notified on all your friends status updates and photos. Clicking on a status update with a web link seamlessly opens the BlackBerry PlayBook browser for you to view the content.
    • You can also discuss and show appreciation for your friend’s content through the comment and “Like” features within the News Feed or on their profile pages.
    • Of course, you can also publish your own status update or upload a photo from within the status publisher that’s accessible from the News Feed or your profile page.

Photo Uploading

    • Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet allows for easy photo uploading and viewing. In addition to uploading photos from the Picture Library, you can tag friends, and view and post your comments and Likes.

Facebook Messages

    • Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet allows you to compose, send and receive new Facebook messages. You can view your sent messages in the Outbox tab and messages from Pages you’re a fan of from within the Updates tab.

Friends List

    • In Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you can view your Friends List in two ways: a grid view (default) or a list view. From the list view there is an alphabetical scrollbar so you can find your friends quickly. You can also Search and add new Friends and Pages and view pending Friend Requests from within the Friends List. Who doesn’t want more friends?


Source: BlackBerry Blog

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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