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Reminder: True multitasking on BlackBerry PlayBook

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Before the BlackBerry PlayBook was launched, we just got to see the multitasking feature on this tablet more than anything else. After the launch, I almost forgot how the beauty of multitasking was on this thing. So, I just grabbed my BlackBerry Bold 9700 camera, opened NFS Undercover, Pictures, YouTube app while running a video and demo playing DOOM game.

Other tablet, for example iPad 1 or iPad 2. They also have multitasking feature but they most likely how multitasking on our BlackBerry Smartphones are but the Apple developer had to program its app to run in the background where as BlackBerry products have this programmed to run apps in the background by itself, no extra coding needed from the developer.

If I’m wrong, drop a comment below to correct me.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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