RIM vs The World

Geekaphone released an infographic bringing up with RIM history to current affairs, comparing with other smartphones (iPhone, Android). What’s the ‘something’ special about the BlackBerry phones? Here’s the crash course for you to love its history, achievements, etc. and at the end its little bit more Bollywood climax scene where it shows RIM is going down competing with other platforms like Android and iOS but still its in the game and its not been too late to give-up. Also, here are some of the more interesting facts picked out from the infographic:

  • BlackBerry used to make up 52.4% of the smartphone market back in 2008. Last year, that figure dropped to 37.6%.
  • Only 0.1% of non-business people care about BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
  • BlackBerry phones use 2/3 less data than other smartphones
  • The US Government uses more than 500,000 BlackBerry phones
  • RIM’s BlackBerry App World launched in April 2009, but it only has 25,000 apps compared to the App Store that has 370,000 apps and only launched about a year earlier in July 2008.

Check more by yourself:

blackberry vs iphone
Geekaphone‘s RIM vs the World

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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