Video Chat Arrives with BlackBerry PlayBook Update


The new OS is now available for BlackBerry PlayBook & as expected we now have Video Chat. BlackBerry PlayBook users can video chat over WiFi and can even plug-in to HDTV and chat in real HD. Thanks to multitasking feature, any party can work around the device while keeping the conference on-air.

Mike Lazaridis, CEO at RIM tells more about Video Chat

  • Video Chat is maintained in the cloud and utilizes the RIM NOC
  • Initialized from the cloud but once connected is point-to-point
  • Developers will gain access to API that will allow integration with BBM Social Platform
  • Uses BlackBerry ID to locate friends and contacts
  • Will work behind corporate and individual firewalls
  • Newly developed SIP based system acts as he controller

Main Menu

The first screen hold all contacts & functional icons above. Video Chat application chats over BlackBerry ID & for those willing to call on telephone, unfortunately it won’t work.

Options Panel

Slide-down options panel enables to edit contact list & also provides help.





The top-left corner consist of three icons Video Chat, Audio Chat & Do Not Disturb. Each icon perform their respective task. Switching on ‘Do Not Disturb’ icon will keep the user engaged.

Adding a Contact

Adding a contact is simple. Just a BlackBerry ID input can put your conference alive right away 🙂


Stay with us as we take this app on-air soon





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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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