Tutorial: BlackBerry PlayBook Gestures

The very exciting and intelligent feature about the BlackBerry PlayBook I think is its gestures. BlackBerry PlayBook has no empty space, not even an inch. When people just saw the pictures of the BlackBerry PlayBook they were pointing out at the border around the screen thinking RIM just wasted that much area for holding the tablet and nothing else. But the way they ended up bringing it a unique way is simply great. The black border around the 7-inch screen is also used to add more comfort and quick access to work around using the gestures.

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A swipe from top border to bottom bring off standby mode, if on standby or else the settings of the tablets strips down.

A swipe from bottom to center of the screen while running an application minimizes the app so you can switch to other app.

While running an app, swiping from top border to center of the screen bring the options menu of the particular running app.

Suppose you are running more than one (1) app at a time, multitasking, swiping from left black border to center of the screen bring the app if running on left or swiping from right black border brings the app running on the right next of the current app.

No matter what app you are using or no matter what screen you are at on the BlackBerry PlayBook, swiping from the bottom-left corner of the black border brings up the on-screen keyboard. Same to hide the keyboard.

While at any screen, swiping your finger from top-left or top-right corner slides down the status bar where it shows and are totally accessible, the tablet’s current time with date, orientation lock option, bluetooth status, Wi-Fi status, battery level, settings icon and other icons if media running to control the playback. Battery icon on the status bar brings you to adjust the display brightness and also make your tablet on standby mode or restart or shut down.

All the gestures surely does our work a lot faster and easier.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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