BlackBerry Bridge now available (OTA inside)

BlackBerry Bridge gets an update to which looks a good jump. I feel a little bit more quicker but still don’t seem Brdige Files working as they should. They still open only Document files 🙁

Download BlackBerry Bridge From BlackBerry App World

OTA Links
BlackBerry Bridge v1.0.4.9 (OS5)

BlackBerry Bridge v1.0.4.9 (OS6)

Thanks to @rr_yy for OTA links


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  1. They really need to add the ability to open media and add ALOT more CODECs because we currently can’t open mp4 or even avi videos. Also, the abity to use the PlayBook as a USB Host! I’m so frustrated. Been waiting for this for so long…

Written by Shahzoor Ali


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